Coffee Times began as a publication with the mission to build a better writing community. Our journey started on Medium, a writing platform that is popular among writers, and we created Coffee Times publication to give new and seasoned writers a space to freely express themselves and to connect with one another like a supportive family and a supportive community.

Articles that we shared on Coffee Times Medium are governed by an invisible machine that decides what our readers like you see or read. More often than not, articles from the people you follow don’t appear on your feed and it remains a big challenge to distribute your content to your readers.

What is Coffee Times Substack?

Coffee Times Substack is an extension of Coffee Times Medium. It is where we build a cohesive writers’ community where we can share the best writings from Coffee writers to our core supporters like you without being subjected to a bunch of AI algorithms to determine what reached you. It is also where our exclusive content are hosted.

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Exclusive content such as interviews, weekly newsletters, featured series, and our signature coffee challenge series, are hosted on Coffee Times Substack exclusively for our core supporters like you.

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Nobody likes to pay to read. I get it. But in order to fund activities like Coffee Challenge and other contests for our readers, I need to develop a system that is sustainable and supports the people who work with Coffee Times, and allows for future investment in expansion and upgrades.

The long-term vision for Coffee Times is to become a real digital magazine with a presence on Kindle and Flipboard, but as in all grand vision, it is not a one-step journey, we will get there by taking many small steps. We need time to learn, build up our team, our presence, and our subscribers. More importantly, we need to build up our financial viability to become a global name as a digital magazine and we seek your support.

Are you ready? Let’s do this, together!