Coffee Times Weekly - Issue#2

A season of change

[As you might have noticed, Coffee Times newsletter has migrated over to Substack, however, we will do a transition to ensure things are stable at Substack before we swing business over by end of the month. Meanwhile please remember to subscribe to our newsletter]

We are halfway through October and we are entering a season of change, the landscape is changing and the temperature is dropping. The road ahead is shrouded and it won’t be easy navigating through the many changes that is happening around us. Shorter daylight and lesser warmth. We will stick to our path amidst the approaching dark and we will hold true to our principles against the shivering cold. If we stay to our beliefs, we will emerge from the cold a better person.

Since the beginning, Coffee Times has pioneered several initiatives. The progress has not been smooth, there are positive signs and there are also negative ones. One of the initiatives was to give a shoutout to another writer in order for any article to be accepted at Coffee Times. Such a requirement was not without consequence. On some days, we are losing as high as 30% of writers and their articles because they were uncompliant to this demand. It has hindered our growth, but it was also a consequence we knew upfront and we will persevere, for we are different from the rest.

I was touched when Carrie. A. Kelly asked if it was alright for her to implement similar requirements for her other pubs at 24 Hours, Inspirational Humans and 100 and Under. I was happy that many supporters also responded positively toward this initiative to support one another, so this is something we will continue to encourage.

Coffee Times has been attracting new writers to join us every week. This month, we have already published more than 120 articles. Each with a fascinating story to tell. Here we can only handpick 5 of our many top stories for your reading.

  1. 10 Wonderful Ways Medium Has Changed My Life, by Carrie. A. Kelly
    In 10 simple ways, Carrie expressed the changes to her life. How she has found a place where she could write what she wants and met like minded as well as different souls that inspires her. How has Medium changed your life?

  2. Recall Those Memories With a Good Cup of Coffee, by Rita Duponty
    Rita talks about her love-hate affair with coffee, how she loves getting up in the morning to enjoy her first cup of coffee, and her lovely memories associated with her “to-die-for” coffee. What does coffee remind you of?

  3. Coffee Time Fun At The Interesting Artistic Q, by Dr. Preeti Singh
    Dr Preeti shares her encounters with the rich history of cameras during her trip to Museo Camera and talks about her coffee time at The Fig, with a great coffee and cookies to wrap up a busy afternoon. How do you spend your afternoon?

  4. 5 Reasons Why You MUST Start Up Your Personal Publication, by Winston
    Winston explains the reasons to set up your personal pub and how you can use it at your blog site with the many features that are only available to publication owners. Have you set up your own publication yet?

  5. How I Uniquely Connect And Engage When Reading, by Donnette Anglin
    Donnette shares her secret in reading, and how she associates imaginary voice to her favourite writers here on medium and share the different ways she reads. Have you the same reading technique as Donnette?

Drashti Shroff, our talented editor has specially curated this week’s interview series. Featuring 3 different writer with 3 different personality ranging from a poet to a policeman, and a bookworm. Do you know who is who? You can read each of their in-depth interviews from the links shared below:

  1. Talking To Coffee Times, by Marrisa W.

  2. An Inside Look At My Journey, by Jake Hilden

  3. A Glimpse Into My 1.5 Years Of Journey On Medium, by Sahil Patel

It has been a wonderful October, barely 2 weeks into the month and we have but given out all our 20 free coffees to the top winning articles. Yes our October challenge has closed and winners have been individually notified, some are still working through their BMC setup. The feedback on this has been good and I am working to secure more sponsors so that we can bring back this challenge for November once again.

How can publication help writers gain access to external audiences?

Following the conclusion for our prompt challenge last week, and the feedback received from our writers(refer to our article here for details). We have course-corrected our posting to external sites. We will continue to grow our followers at these sites but we will be selective on the quality of the articles we share to these sites. We will need time to work out the full details on what works and whatnot. In the meantime, we won’t be dumping links but finding ways to value add to each article we post to these sites.

Help Coffee Times to help you on Twitter

In this first episode of the social media series, Winston talks about the importance and how to build passive income on Medium, he also shares his views on Twitter and why you must have a Twitter account to stay engaged with potential readers there. Find out more in his latest article — How to Make Twitter Work For You.

Coffee Times is on Substack

As you might have noticed, Coffee Times newsletter has been migrated over to Substack. Medium’s newsletter undeniably lacks behind Substack’s in terms of features and control, over the content creation for the newsletter. The use of pictures is more subtle and intuitive, and the hosting of our newsletter on Substack provides a clearer distinction between Medium’s email notification list versus Substack newsletter subscription. Which, many writers have not understood the difference. I plan to write an article explaining this later next week.

The move to Substack is essential, to allow for growth and creativity. At the same time, I am also experimenting on Twitter Revue, a competing newsletter platform acquired by Twitter that has clearly better integration with Twitter and Medium. But the initial experience on Revue sucks. I hope it will improve with time, meanwhile, we are going for Substack for now.

“My Profile” article

This week, we have also opened up Coffee Times to accept the publishing of “My Profile” articles. This is an important feature to establish your own profile article that would enable visitors to quickly find the information they need about our writers, their work and their top-performing articles. Many top writers already have one and all our writers, like you, should consider doing up one too. Even if one already has, it’s good to consider adding it to our publication (Yes, we accepted published Profiles as well). Coffee Times has a dedicated column to permanently display all our writers’ profiles at a central location, so all our writers and visitors can browse one another’s profile with ease to match up whoever they were looking for.

From feature articles to feature writers

What’s more important is Coffee Times is expanding from promoting articles to featuring writers. This is why the “My Profile” is so important. It also allows us to feature our writers in an effective way that helps them reach out. Beginning this week Coffee Times will periodically select a different writer’s profile to feature across all our social platforms. If you are unsure of how to do up one , you can refer to the example already posted below.

And yes, we have featured Michelle’s profile across our social sites, she is open for collaboration, do follow the link above to check her out.

Coffee Times continues to grow and more changes would be introduced as we make progress on our movement. We will experiment with new platforms as well as new ways to help our writers reach out to their audience and become better at their craft. Have patience with us, as we continue to improve and push the boundary of our movement toward a better writing community. Stay tuned for more refreshing updates next week.

If you are supportive of what we do. Do consider buying us some coffees here to fund November’s coffee challenge, plus our other initiatives.

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